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Hong Kong Garden Seafood, BBQ Dim Sum Cafe
Hong Kong Garden Seafood, BBQ Dim Sum Cafe
Tel :    702-876-3838
Web :
5300 Spring Mountain Rd., #107 Las Vegas, NV 89146

  Hong Kong Garden Seafood & B.B. Café the main chef is Master Xin who has over 20 years of cooking experience. Specialty in north and south cooking, even the pickiest guests give two thumbs up. Chaozhou seafood, sea cucumbers and lobsters are really fresh and delicious, and make you fully satisfied; Babao Grilled duck, Sichuan spicy dishes, mini hot pot, dessert and drinks are so tasty and the price is affordable. Its characteristic taste with the new decoration and comfortable dining environment, Hong Kong Garden Seafood & B.B. Café soon becomes popular among local Chinese restaurants. Whole roast pigs, fresh seafood and marinated cold dishes really impress many customers. Customers could enjoy singing in the KTV VIP room after dinning.



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