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Shaolin Tai Chi Cultural Center
Tel :    702-570-5120
9310 S. Eastern Ave., #123 Las Vegas, NV 89123

If you have always wanted to study martial arts with a genuine Shaolin Monk, then Shaolin Tai Chi Cultural Center is the perfect place! The head instructor and co-founder, Shi Chang Yuan, is a 33rd Generation Shaolin Master from the Songshan Shaolin Temple in the Henan Province of China. He has performed and taught internationally, with 9 years of teaching experience. Shifu Yuan has a gift for teaching, he is inspirational, patient, nurturing and very knowledgeable. The learning is reinforced in an environment that is positive, enjoyable and simultaneously challenging. The school is conveniently located on Eastern Avenue, just east of the 215 near Henderson. Choose from a variety of classes, Kung Fu, Tai Chi or Qi Gong, Meditation and Chinese.

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